Thursday, June 19, 2008

Allergy update

We got the allergy labs back today.  I have to tell you that I only know what
Nehemiah is allergic to so far. And I do not know the extent of the allergies.
I hope to talk to the doctor or a nurse to get a little bit more of an
explanation of the lab report.

Our doctor tested Nehemiah for the 7 most likely food allergens: corn, egg
white, cow's milk, oranges, peanuts, tomato, and wheat.

Nehemiah is allergic to oranges and peanuts. The numbers are lower for oranges
than peanuts, and the doctor really emphasized in writing that looked like this:
ALLERGIC TO PEANUT!! and underlined twice, so that coupled with Nehemiah's
initial reaction lead me to believe that it is probably an anaphylactic (life
threatening) type allergy should he encounter even trace amounts.

I have a cousin who is allergic to peanuts in this way, and we read EVERY label,
because if something is processed in a factory that processes peanuts also, it
is a big NO-NO. That includes things like Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and Gummy
Bears, many types of chocolate chips, most candy bars, etc. It is serious
stuff! I remember that one time I kissed my cousin the afternoon I had had a
piece of peanut butter toast for breakfast, and brushed my teeth, and he broke
out in hives at the spot. EEK! :( I felt terrible!

I am however very thankful that Nehemiah IS NOT allergic to the other things
that were tested, particularly corn and wheat! Yay!

Oh, I am also going to ask what this means for other citrus fruits. The doctor
already told me that we were not going to test Nehemiah for other types of nuts
right now (I'm not sure why), but that if the results came back that he was
allergic to peanuts, that I needed to assume an allergy to all other nuts until
a test proves otherwise.

Just thought I'd let you all know. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


brentandsarah said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear of the severity of Nehemiah's allergy! I'm glad he isn't allergic to wheat, though, and a lot of the other things. I'm glad we have the internet for lots of good resources! See you sometime soon, we'll be heading home tomorrow.


Zoe said...

I'm glad things are relatively contained, so far. I hope they continue in that vein. I love you and thanks for the update.

Dani said...

You know, peanut allergies aren't always THAT bad! My sister has severe reactions to peanuts, but can eat Jelly Bellys, foods fried in peanut oil, etc. It seems to be the meat of the peanut that gets her. Plus, she has spent so long being allergic to peanuts that she can instantly smell and/or taste the tiniest bit. It hasn't been the biggest burden in the world for her-really easy to avoid! Just no Reeses (sad!)
Maybe it will turn out that Nehemiah's allergy won't be as bad as it can possibly be!

Sarah said...

I am sensitive to citrus too. (and I was raised in a fruit orchard) My throat gets really itchy and feels tight if I eat any fresh fruit. But as long as the fruit is cooked or baked I'm fine.