Saturday, June 7, 2008

Minnesota Nice

Means picking up turtles in the middle of the road and moving them to safety so they don't turn out like this.
Photo Credit: Arkansas National Heritage Commission

I got my first lesson tonight on how to pick up a turtle. Ben was the teacher, though he laughed a bit at how gentle I was. I didn't really want it's little legs to come out and claw at me, so I was very ginger while picking it up. I spotted a painted turtle so it was pretty easy, but I'll have to learn what a snapping turtle looks like so that I don't get snapped! I wish my camera had been on me, but here is what a painted guy looks like! :)

Photo credit: Dan Nedrelo and the Wisconsin DNR children's website.

We seriously need one of these signs in my neck of the woods, because turtle road kill is about the saddest things ever. They're so pokey; they don't even have a chance!

Photo Credit: a waymarking site for those interested in turtle rescues ;)

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