Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, Ben was on pace to work 90 hours this week, until God decided to enforce a break...he woke up at 1:30 am Friday morning puking. The poor guys slept about 20 hours that day just trying to catch up!

Then yesterday, we went out for breakfast to celebrate our so-over-it stomachs. That was nice. We also completely took out 2 gardens at our place and turned them into part of the lawn, because we just don't have the time or inclination to do the upkeep. It was sad, but they were so overgrown with grass that the flowers couldn't bloom anyway.

The summer we bought the house, a friend from WA came out to visit, and we spent several days getting every last piece of grass out of those gardens. It was intense. So last summer, when I was mega-pregnant and a new mom, I was expecting to simply have to do maintenance/upkeep to keep the weeds and grass out. Boy was I wrong! It was totally overgrown, again! And this year, since I did absolutely nothing last year, they were worse.

I think I must have a blue thumb or something, because it sure isn't green! I just planted some peppers in a container garden, and I have dutifully raised them from seeds. They made it fine until I put them in the pots. Last night I went outside, and Maltby had rooted around in the pots and pulled them out. *sighs* I think I'm not cut out for gardening at this stage in life. It is a little sad, but maybe I can try again another time.


Susan said...

Don't worry about it - my mum was never into gardening, but now she has a thriving veggie patch and several flower beds around their place :)

Zoe said...

I think it's not logically true that your thumb is blue because your dog unrooted your plants. If pet interference were adequate for declaring someone a bad gardener, then I should have turned in my trowel long ago. My cats will dig up anything they can get their paws on. That means that I suspend some of my plants from hooks, I elevate others on plant stands or free standing shelves, and the only things that sit on the ground or on window ledges do so in areas to which they have no access (like my office at work). Plant stands were about $7 at Home Depot when I bought them earlier this year. When you have the time and energy to work on this, you'll be great at it. You may be right that this isn't that time, but it's not because of inability on your part. (Sorry if I sound a little strident--- yours is an argument I've made myself many times and I've realized this year that it's just not true--- effort + information means that I have a lovely garden, in containers and in beds. Not that it doesn't have its problems, but constitutional inability to cultivate does not appear to be one of them (unless that's what's nibbling on the dianthus.))