Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Father's Day

For My Love:

Thank you for all of the wonderful ways that you show our son you love him.

I see the adoration plainly when you walk in the door from a long day at work, and Nehemiah shrieks with delight, jumping up and down, flailing his arms wildly at the sight of you.

You work hard to provide for our needs, read Nehemiah goodnight stories, change his diapers, feed him, play with him, and laugh with him. You take care of his mommy too, which is important for everybody, and I love that about you!

For My Dad:

I can only imagine your first Father's Day. You weren't even supposed to be a dad yet, and there I was hooked up to all of those monitors. Mom says that you followed the ambulance from the hospital I was born in to the hospital I was transferred to since she couldn't. She wanted to make sure someone was with me. And you've been there ever since. I appreciate it Dad.

I always know you're rooting for me, and are ready to lend a listening ear, and help in any way you can. Whether far or near; there is always a piece of you here. I love you!

For my Father-in-law:

You know how to make a girl feel welcome into a family! Even if you do call me Lizard Girl! :) Thanks for the time you spend growing your bond with your son, even still; it is important to both of us. It is a joy to watch you with your grandson. And how can we thank you enough for all of the around-the-house help and doggie daycare you have provided? Yeah...we can't! We love you!

For my brother (Uncle John):

You are going to be an amazing father! I am so excited for you and Mel. Austin is an awfully lucky little guy to be the first one in your family. You know how to take care of those you love, and I love you!

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psychmajor101 said...

What a wonderful father's day tribute. I really enjoyed reading your blog!