Friday, June 6, 2008

Crafting with the Little Buggers

I was inspired today when I saw a cute tutorial for making little monster softies. :)
I generally check out the Crafty Crow now and then, and this week she has a guest author found over at Luckybeans. So I grabbed some scraps I had around and headed to the "nursery," which it isn't exclusively. In fact the only baby tonight was mine!
I brought a print out of the tutorial and my softies book with me, and my DLF (dear little friend) came up with the brilliant idea of making a pear with a blue tongue! It is turning out really well. I promise pictures when it is all finished up. I was fortunate that my helper this evening is an accomplished quilter, because I am just starting out with sewing stuff, and she was able to frame things in such a simple, straight-forward, confident way--hooray!

Just so you know, this project is working well one-on-one with an 8 year old, so it doesn't have to be for the older set! My DLF is really enjoying it--I hope you do too.

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