Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preschool Links of interest

I have had a few friends ask me lately if I have any ideas or resources for teaching your kids when they are at preschool age (even though it will be awhile until Nehemiah is quite there, it is right up my alley as a teacher). These are some of the links I have found over the past months:

This is a preschool teacher who puts some of her ideas up for others to see:

I particularly like the Calendar Math section of that site, because it is such a fun, useful way for kids to use some basic math skills (oh, and I've seen it work in countless primary classrooms--I don't see why you couldn't get started younger). Her ABC ideas are great too!

Another phenomenal website with ideas for infants through 4s and a preparing for kindergarten section--There are even Biblically-driven curriculum examples by month, with pictures of some of the activities...too cool! She has a good page of resources that link you to other good sites.

I really like Jan Brett as an author/illustrator, and her website has all kinds of cool stuff, including alphabet handwriting printable coloring sheets

Here are some preschool activities and crafts:

Preschool Express:

I have also found some really fun blogs, which of course continue the linking process to all of their creative bloggy friends! You'll find SO many ideas clicking through links on other blogs! I have learned a ton! :)

Kids Craft Weekly will e-mail you each week with a themed newsletter with crafts that match the theme to work on all week long--what a blast!

Make and Takes has a bunch of great crafts and ideas...she is doing the alphabet with her 2 1/2 year old right now, and she just started, so there are sure to be tons of great ideas to come!

And I Never Grew Up guest blogged on Make and Takes recently, so I checked it out, and guess what? More genius!!!

And as always, and I've linked to this before, but no craft and learning list is complete without The Crafty Crow all-time favorite! You also find other great sites through here--amazing!

Oh! And my older students really enjoyed the book Animalia by Graeme Base. Each page is filled with pictures of things that start with the letter, so it becomes like an I Spybook. Some of them even take some thinking...example: I found a camel on the D page. It took some research to find out that a camel is a type of dromedary. Who knew?! It would be a good book to use when your kiddos vary in age and skill.

I DO NOT have any professional early-childhood teaching experience, and my own little guy is on the young end for these activities, so I can't unequivocally recommend these things, but they seem cool to me, and God gave you good judgment too. Another thing...with kids, I have learned that if something doesn't work now, don't stress, try something else. If you really are hooked on an idea or method, try it again in awhile. You may yet see the results you want, but if not, don't stress, and enjoy the ride! :)

Hope this list helps!

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