Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Break

Tonight two of Ben's staff came over to babysit Nehemiah. They wanted to surprise me, but Ben, in his wisdom, told them they'd better not (so I could get the house ready and notes written up). Anyway, they got here kind of late (8-ish) because they had to finish dinner at camp first.

It was Nehemiah's first time with babysitters at our house. I was nervous with Nehemiah in his raging separation anxiety phase, and it being so late, him not going to bed, etc., etc., etc.! :) But they were awesome, and so was he!

Ben and I went to Coldstone, then stopped off at Target, where, being the nerdy former teacher that I am, I gawked at all of the brand spankin' new school supplies. I tell you what, they nearly make me giddy! Then we went to a gaming store to look for the game Ticket to Ride which my family back in CO has been raving about. Unfortunately it really was more of a gaming store than a game store, so there were lots of Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic cards, and a few other games, but no Ticket to Ride. We picked up a game called Munchkin Impossible, which has turned out to be pretty fun.

Then we ran off to Walmart to see if they might have our sought after game--no such luck. We hit Taco Bell for a quick drive home snack, and we were on our way!

We got home around 11:30, and Nehemiah had been bathed, and looked like this as I walked in the door:

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