Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living Life (in pictures)

Here are some good ones of the past few days. :)

Snoozing with Grammy...Zzzzzz....

Lovin' the puddin'

At the park with Megan and Elena

Silly faces at the park

Peeking at Daddy--yikes!

First pasta experience


Post-pasta experience ;)


Zoe said...

He's so cute, and getting so big. I feel the need for a visit just to keep up. Are you coming out here in the fall/winter, or should I plan another MN invasion?

I'm glad the towel hoodie worked--- I was afraid you were still inundated.

felicitouschick said...

Hopefully we'll be out around Thanksgiving--I guess it depends on what my doctor says about being in a high altitude place at the beginning of my 3rd trimester, AND if we have the gas $$! ;) But you are always welcome to invade MN--whether we come or not!

Zoe said...

Thanksgiving is an excellent time for a visit. I can't think of anything I'd be more thankful for, which is impressive, because, y'know, that's MY day.