Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a fun afternoon today. I took Nehemiah out to camp with the dual purpose of visiting the Petting Zoo and going for a swim at the beach. It turned out that the Petting Zoo was all locked up and the horses were out at pasture, because it was the Wrangler's day off, and the beach had just been treated with Copper Iodide (I think) to take out the swimmer's itch, so no swimming either; unless we wanted to be little brown babies! :(

Instead we had a different sort of adventure! We went on Nehemiah's first canoe trip! It was interesting. I was somewhat trepidatious to take a 1 year old out on the lake by myself, and initially Nehemiah hated the life-jacket. I can hardly blame him...he looked like a little stuffed sausage, and had to work to find his center of balance! But once we shoved off and started floating, he was content. I took these pictures while the canoe was mostly beached, so there was no danger of Nehemiah and I tipping. :) We stayed pretty near the shore anyway, but Nehemiah didn't know the difference--he so enjoys outdoor life and the water. After our foray, we went to eat dinner with Daddy! Nehemiah sat in his new wagon that his Grandma and Grandpa sent him for turning 1--he loved it!

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