Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cover Tune Grab Bag

Oh my goodness! I have just been rolling on the floor laughing!!! My sister-in-law inspired this post for a few reasons...#1 she gave me a bit of a hard time about not blogging as consistently as I did in the Winter/Spring. I have to confess; when I am busy with other things, I don't have to blog as much for my own sanity, though I do still enjoy it! You can look forward to another long Minnesota winter with me if you are missing it-ha! (And I know you were saying it tongue-in cheek Mel!)

Anyway, the 2nd thing is that she told me about a link to Mercy Me's Cover Tune Grab Bag. Wow...there's not much else to say. Mercy Me is a fabulous Christian band known for their sweet harmonies and praise and worship type music. Ever heard I Can Only Imagine? Yup...that's them. Anyway on their blog, they are doing some hilarious covers of retro songs. The two I watched all the way through so far were the ones for Ice, Ice Baby and Thriller. I highly recommend it. Stick with Thriller to, because the dancing comes. There are more too--you'll love it, I know! :) Nehemiah did--he was groovin' and singing along.

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