Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today, two blog-worthy events occurred in our hacienda!

The first was a Ben thing. Every now and then his latent Army Ranger comes out--the episodes are few and far between, but for the most part they make me grin and swell with pride. Such was this morning's Operation: Night Swim. The camp that Ben works at (and practically grew up at--his dad was the director while he was a kid), has a ginormous, ugly old Sawfish mounted in the Dining Hall. They like to tell kids that they caught it in the lake, which is a huge lie, since it is definitely a salt-water being. But you see kids, especially the littler ones looking pretty closely when they are out on the docks. :) Anyway at 0300 hours, Ben and his 4 regular staff members stole the fish that they affectionately nicknamed Buzz (I'm sure you get it, but in case you are slow, er, They took him off of the wall and mounted it in the new dining hall at the new camp. It was a pretty successful and surprising prank. The only problem is that it was also relatively dangerous--really the kind of thing only a crew headed up by someone who had forethought all of the possibilities out (like Ben) can pull off safely. There is already talk around camp about it being stolen back, so I have a feeling Buzz may "disappear" soon, to end any hard-to-explain workman's comp claims or calls to staff members family back home! No fish here...why you staring?

And 2nd of all, Nehemiah had his first haircut! It was NOT a buzz! Our good friend Megan got her shears out and trimmed him up a bit. You'd hardly know it if you weren't used to looking at him daily, but he looks less like a ragamuffin, so I am pleased. No more ear flaps, shorter bangs (if you call them that on a guy), and a little shorter in the back.

I hope to edit this post with pictures soon, unfortunately, though there were pictures taken of both occasions, they are not yet in my possession.

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Peter said...

Awesome! That thing has been dying to be an accessory in a good prank for years!

That's a lot smarter than the time me and Dad went to see if the new electric fence was effectively keeping the bears out of the camp trash dump. We decided that the best thing to do would be to hide in the woods around midnight, armed with paintball guns, and see if it worked.

It was only after we were there and about a half dozen black bears started to get angry about getting repeatedly shocked that it occurred to us while they probably knew exactly where we were and possible blamed us for their discomfort, they were black, it was dark out, and, providing we could see them (which we couldn't) tagging them with a paintball gun a couple of times wasn't going to improve their mood.