Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Woo! I'm flying really high in the air and there are special prizes!!!

Yes, that is a direct quote from me earlier in the day. can only mean one thing. Well actually, it could mean many things, but it only means one--we got Mario Kart for our Wii! I gave in, and I am glad that I did.

I am so competitive that I was sure I would hate it because Ben would whoop my toosh. But oddly enough I am able to keep pretty close most of the time and win every now and then, so my hopes are not completely dashed.

We played online with Ben's brother and sister-in-law tonight, which was cool, since they live all the way in Pennsylvania.

And in other special prizes news, I won another contest! I won from the blog Seven Dogs and A Baby, which by the way is a great blog for giveaways. And they gave me a cool t-shirt from the SpeckledSunshine Etsy store! I have asked for a custom one (for the 4th of July birthday guy), but if that isn't possible, then we love the "I Eat Sand" shirt! I am sure I'll have pictures to post when it comes--yay!


Tip Junkie said...

I featured your diaper cake tutorial today. Thanks for the inspriation!

Peter said...

I'm glad that you got Mario Cart too. If we do get it running with skype for audio, you will find that your verbal exclamations are more coherent than mine. Since I had not really played the game until a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I enjoy it. (Peter has another driving game, but it is not nearly as fun.) We're looking forward to playing again.