Monday, May 26, 2008

In His Wisdom

The Lord chose not to make the human's gestational time any shorter! Today I babysat for one of our good friend's little one's (since daycare wasn't open on Memorial Day, but Subway still was) who is about 4 months.

Adelaide has the sweetest demeanor, but today, she was teething. And, so was Nehemiah! It was hands-on baby care all day; we did sneak in Memorial Day festivities (a service at the local auditorium, cemetery, and lake) where Ben was a part of the color guard. And bonus (!), he got to do two 21-gun salutes! And we had a short Mario Kart break as well. At the ceremony, my mother-in-law helped out, so that was great, and Ben was also off of work today--yay!

Susan came over to pick up Adelaide and stayed for a yummy dinner (thanks Ben!) and a little Mario Kart also.

All in all a pretty good day, and a peek into God's infinite wisdom. :)

Last weekend we had a graduation, baptism, and wedding reception--party hardy! Also why the blog has been a bit sparse as of late.

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angiesparkles said...

happpppppppppppppy birthday Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)