Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Keepin' it Rural!

Today we said goodbye to one of Ben's coworkers at camp. He is affectionately known as Ole. He's headed to Hawaii for about a month for a cushy house sitting job--must be nice!

Anyway, his absolute favorite dessert is Fruit of the Forest pie, by Chef Pierre. And I must admit, it is dang good. We had that after lunch out at camp, and then Ben and I had to run to the city for camp and pick some things up. We were already planning to go for ourselves, but in the end camp paid for gas and dinner, so it was worth the extra stops.

We were in the mall for a few minutes, and I stopped in JoAnn's Fabrics quickly. In their display was an adorable tin bird house with a little sign on it that said, Keepin' it Rural; I about died laughing! It was pretty pricey, or there would be a picture of it, because I would be the proud owner. ;)

Nehemiah was toast by the end, but it was a great afternoon, and Ben has tomorrow off too-hurrah!

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