Monday, May 12, 2008


We were coming home from a lovely Mother's Day dinner and dessert in a whole string of traffic when we took out a skunk!

Yeah--that was a first. It was alive. I believe I saw it lift it's tail as we bared down on it. I'm not quite sure how the cars ahead of us missed it-- except for the fact that my car is such a low rider!

The worst part? We still had 30 more minutes to drive before we arrived home, and the car wash was closed!

I went out this morning to grab my cell phone, and the interior of my car still reeks.

I have to take Nehemiah to swimming lessons in that thing!

Suggestions are welcome...I need help! ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

Help us and save us! Nathaniel actually likes the smell of dead skunk (an animal which he used to refer to as a "stunk")...but we've never hit one head on in a low rider...hmmm...I wonder if he would change his mind about the smell...