Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sorry all! I have been a bit behind in posting. I have had a perpetual headache since our car accident, and between that and my pregnancy, I am wiped out! I hate feeling this way--so like a slug!

Anyway, I at least want to throw some new pictures up here for you!

Caught in the act! My little mischief maker has turned into a climber! :)

Aww...too cute! I swear he'll walk soon!

Playing with Super P

Trying to walk a mile in Daddy's hiking boots.

Vintage Nehemiah...though if he's cutting any more teeth with all that chewing and drooling, then they are the last ones that he can...his 2nd molars! We'll see if anything comes of it!

Oh, and next Monday, the 6th, we get to find out Baby 2's gender if this is a cooperative little one! Here's hoping!


angiesparkles said...

Glad you blogged again :) I've been wondering what's going on in your world! Nehemiah is so cute! Good job on that one ;)

brentandsarah said...

I've sure missed your posts! I pray that you will feel better soon!!!