Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Here are some pictures of our Halloween themed activities of late:

Our sweet neighbors brought Nehemiah a pumpkin treat bag about a week ago--with one of his favorite treats...a whole apple--Shazaam! ;)

When Nehemiah caught sight of himself in his pirate/Buccaneer outfit a few days ago, when we tried it on to see if it fit, "Argh!" was the furthest thing from his was more like "Aaaaa!" He was so freaked out!

Tonight we stayed far away from mirrors! Success!

This picture of my costume didn't come out really well, but I had a bun in the oven on my shirt. The bun even had a little pink bow on top!

Nehemiah has also really enjoyed our pumpkins--he's even attempted saying pumpkin, which is pretty funny.

PS--My camera is having a tough time lately--if you notice the green on the bottom of one picture, I am having similar problems in about 20% of my pictures--so sad! Anyone have any expertise as to what might be happening?

PPS--I made Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread to bring to the soiree we attended tonight. It always gets rave reviews, and is really easy! I've posted the recipe before, so link away! :)


brentandsarah said...

Nehemiah looked adorable as a pirate!! Is he walking, or was he standing in the pics? I LOVE your costume, so clever! Also, I make your pumpkin choc chip bread recipe ALL THE TIME. Its the best!

Anonymous said...

Cute costume.

angiesparkles said...

Wow...he's growing up so quickly!! He's adorable. And I LOVE your costume and if its ok with you, totally want to steal the idea for my own costume once that day comes for me! :)