Friday, September 19, 2008


What an exhausting week! We are recovering from lots of things here in our house! I'm still sore and getting treated by the chiropractor from our car accident. It's hard to tell with Nehemiah. He is definitely exhausted and tired and crabby, but there are a couple of thing going on with him.

He has a vertebrae or tow out himself, a cold, a low grade fever off and on, and an infected bump. The nurse practitioner thinks it is an infected pimple, but I have other suspicions. When Ben was in the Army there was this weird virus (I think) going around. It starts out looking like an infected pimple, but it can end up eating into your body--especially near joints. Fortunately this isn't near a joint for Nehemiah. But this thing is nasty. They think it is the combination of 2 bugs, one picked up during some training in Jordan, and another from a deployment to Afghanistan. Ben and I have both had these things, but they aren't common medical knowledge. It was specific to Ben's platoon at the time, and they were investigating a couple of the guys' cases out at Walter Reed. Of course we don't know what came of that, and Ben always got treatment from the medics (no records), because they were the only ones on Post who had seen it and knew what to do. Uugh. I guess some things just stick with you. Hopefully the antibiotics and warm compresses the doctor prescribed will get rid of it.

It would be nice if next week was a little less stressful!

Oh, I did run into my OB for a quick appointment to listen to the baby's heart beat on Monday (just to make sure everything was copacetic after our crash). It was actually the first time I heard the heartbeat, and it was strong and at about 151 bpm. :) I think I felt a round of hiccups for the first time last night--how exciting! I'm not feeling the baby move consistently yet, but I think it is coming soon. That is one of my favorite times of pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! What a rough week or two. We will keep you guys in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

I hope this week brings you quiet and peace and rest. I will pray in that way.

In the meantime, I am stunned at the long-term ramifications that service to our country entails. Sometimes the word sacrifice doesn't seem to cover it. If it's been a while since someone has said thank you, to you Ben, and to you Erin...and now to Nehemiah...let me say it. Thank you. And know that I feel blessed by the sacrifices that your family has made on America's behalf...and quite honestly, continue to make. And I know that that goes for Bob and Patrick and Nathaniel as well.