Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank you!

I have gotten several comments, e-mails, and calls to check how our nights have been going since out last post, and I wanted to thank you! The Lord has been gracious! The first night wasn't as bad as I expected. It took about 50 minutes initially, and Nehemiah was up 4 more time that night, the next night was about 15 minutes and up once, and last night he cried for about 2 and a half minutes and then slept all the way through! It was awesome!

In other exciting sister-in-law should be at the hospital in WY. She was scheduled to be induced early this morning, and I am waiting excitedly for a phone call with an update! :) I may have my very first nephew today!

Also, as an aside, my parents have some sad business to attend to today (it is good that their newest grandchild will distract them). Their dog is getting really old. This is the same "puppy" that followed me home from the playground when I was in 6th grade, and never left. Anyway, Al is at the point in his life where it will be the kindest thing to have him put to rest before the winter comes. Today is the big day, and it will be difficult. Please pray for my parents as they will weather this storm after each has had a full day of work. Then they'll leave for WY tomorrow morning.

You may have noticed a change in my blog format! I am excited about it, and may change it a few more times now that I found these fun layouts! My friend Sarah re-did hers and I swiped the link...feel free to do the same! Here it is: The Cutest Blog on the Block. :)

Have a blessing filled day--we will!

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brentandsarah said...

I'm glad it went ok with the sleep transition! Whew! I love love love your new background. I'm pretty sure I checked that one out. I love paisley. See you tomorrow!