Monday, September 8, 2008


I think that word aptly describes our day. :)

We slept in this morning and had a late breakfast. We decided to head into town and borrow my in-law's car battery recharger so that Ben can get his Golf all ready to sell. Then we went ran a few errands. We were in the grocery store, tempted by all sorts of things, because we were really ready for lunch--we did pretty well resisting, but then Ben had to pump gas near the DQ.

It was then that the insatiable desire for a Chili-cheese dog with lot of pickles swept over me. It would not go away without succumbing to it...which I did. I tell you; it was SO good. Weird, huh? It is not something I would normally eat, but I am craving all kinds of salty things...which is also odd for me, and completely unlike my first pregnancy. I go through one if not two jars of pickles a week (don't get me wrong...I like a dill pickle now and then, but not several, daily)!

When we got home, I found out that I wasn't needed to watch the Super P, so I made an appointment to get my hair cut. It was delightful to have some time on my own being spoiled, and I like how it turned out!

Then when I got home, we made a new recipe for dinner (one I found awhile ago in my Real Simple magazine), and toasted up some Sourdough bread to go with it! The soup was perfect for this chilly, fall-like day (oh, and we used the chicken option, not the salmon one). You should check it takes about half an hour to make--so yummy!

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Anonymous said...

What a great cut! I think you are so pretty and it's ok because I'm....Your Mom!