Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picking raspberries

Yesterday in the A.M., we went out to camp with some friends and found some raspberries. Nehemiah has recently become enthralled with picking his own food! Perhaps I can find a blueberry or strawberry pick your own place; right now he only really eats raspberries! Adelynne hung out in the stroller to avoid a sunburn...she burns fast!


Anonymous said...

Ah, to be 2!! These are great. Makes me feel like I'm there--almost!

The Toftness Times said...

Hey Erin,

There is a strawberry picking place right in Nisswa if you are interested. It is the Wallin Strawberry Farm. Not sure the times or how it all works. But, I thought I would let you know.


felicitouschick said...

Thanks Heather!