Monday, July 20, 2009

Craft Hope

Wow!!! (yes it gets 3 exclamation points!!!) I just came across Craft Hope, and I am in love! I have a lot of things I need to work on straightening out in life right now, but if and when things get a bit more manageable, I really would like to get involved in a Craft Hope project! The Lord uses people in such wonderful ways to provide for his children, Amen? He is faithful to provide for us--I know it! It is a bit hard for me to see right now, as I am in a bit of a rough patch.

You see, Ben is working 70-90 hours a week, and I am not really cut out for the life of a single parent! Especially out on the lone prairie! But, Our Lord is faithful, and seasons do change. In addition to all of the crazy hours of work, we have been greeted with some major was buying a new van when ours was totaled. Ben put it in the ditch on his way down to the airport to pick us up. It sounds like he pretty much saved lives with his driving, but it was such an unwanted hassle to go get a new loan and things. Our "new to us" van is lovely, but it was a definite stress. Also, there is some stress over a possible move to Iowa this coming winter/spring. It was a great hope of mine, but some red flags have been popping up. For awhile I felt my hopes dashed, but there may yet be reason to hope. Ben is talking some of our red flags over with his boss today, so we'll see if things are addressed in a healthy way for our family. These are hard things to do when your husband routinely leaves before 6 am, sometimes at 4:30 even, and generally doesn't return home until 8:30 ish at night 6 days a week. We're both zombies by the end--which isn't the best state to make major financial and life decisions in.

Enough explaining of myself though! I just want to say, if you have free time...when I have free time...head on over and help out Craft Hope!

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