Thursday, July 23, 2009

The one with the stagnant puddle...

Nehemiah has had his eye on the puddles at the end of our driveway for awhile now.

Until yesterday though, he would walk up to the very edge, step in the squishiest mud, say, "Eww, yuck!" and turn from temptation. Until yesterday.

(is this okay Mama? 'Cuz here I go!)

He approached with initial caution. After that wore off, he frolicked with the best of them.

(a true Irish Riverdancer!)

And a little while in, after he got everything good and churned up, I realized that the atmosphere was smelling like frog. And the reason was all over my it's Mommy's turn...EWW YUCK!

Adelynne watched from her carrier, and everyone had a bath when we got inside--there was significant splash transfer after all (unfortunately the puddle is right by our road, so someone--mommy--has to stand sentry, and you just can't get far enough away...sorry Adelynne!)

Nehemiah even gave his car a wash...

then the sky...

then me, and that is where the pictures stop!

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