Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming up for air

My goodness! What a transition it is from 1 munchkin to 2! It is fun, but it has me meeting myself coming and going and feeling like I don't accomplish much other than keeping the kiddos alive and clean on a regular basis! ;)

There have been many times I wanted to sit down and blog or post pictures lately--though I'm having some minor camera issues that will take some resolving first. I am choosing to blog this because it is quick and interesting.

I saw it on the news yesterday, and it seems like a really great way to support local independent companies. I think it is structured for more metropolitan areas than where I live, but I love the concept, so I thought I'd share! It is called the 3/50 project, and the basics are that you pick your 3 favorite local companies and then spend $50 a month between them. When you spend locally--instead of at chains or big-box stores, 68% of it stays local, compared to roughly 43% of the money spent at the chains. Check out the site if you like. I think it is smart economics in times like these!

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea. I like it.