Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's the Easter Scoundrel Charlie Brown!

There are some things that you envision as a mom. Things that make great scrapbook or baby book pages, or really great first memories. And sometimes, they don't turn out quite right. Take, for instance, Nehemiah's first bath. I thought it was going to be a joyful occasion full of splashing and mirth, and it was a scream fest that had us both crying by the end. Sorta like yesterday and the first ever Easter egg hunt. Sort of, but not really.

You see, with an Easter breakfast of Belgian waffles, church, Easter dinner with Grammy and Pepa, and a necessary afternoon nap, it was shaping up to be a rather full day, and we still needed to squeeze in our hunt! When we returned home from church, Nehemiah was snoozing in the car, so Ben put the eggs out for the hunt. The plan was then to wake Nehemiah up, feed him lunch, have the hunt, and then put him down for his real nap.

It turns out that Nehemiah had no plans for waking up for lunch, so we ended up letting him take his nap instead. I went in several hours later to wake him up so he could hunt his eggs and we could get ready to go to dinner. He woke up in a foul disposition, and was only calmed when he found out we were going outside--or "side" as he calls it. I got his shoes and jacket on, and out we went for the first ever Easter egg hunt. As you recall, the eggs have now been sitting in our field for a few hours. It wasn't particularly hot out, and there wasn't anything in danger of melting, so we didn't see a problem with this until further inspection upon our arrival at the site.

23 of 24 plastic eggs had been opened and emptied. That's right, no jellybeans here! Well except in one egg. We wondered how this could have happened. Birds? Surely it couldn't be the dog? Not one of the eggs was broken, and both halves of each egg were lying next to each other all over the grounds. couldn't be the dog?

Or rather, surely it could be the dog, we found, as the 24th egg was then discovered by the scoundrel, who gingerly picked it up in his mouth, squished it around a couple of times, popping it open and spitting it out, only to devour the last four jelly beans of our very first ever Easter egg hunt!

Of all the low, down, dirty dog stunts to pull! What devious skulduggery!

In the end it was okay. As Nehemiah ran around discovering his matchbox cars, Ben filled a few of the popped open eggs and kept Maltby at bay so that Nehemiah had the joy of his first jellybeans and his FIRST EVER EASTER EGG HUNT! Ha!

I even got some pictures for that scrapbook page. :)

Dyeing eggs the night before Easter.

Ready to head to church

What's in here?



Heading back to the house with the loot.

Adelynne's 2nd Easter outfit of the day--on our way to dinner. This little girl is a bit of a spit-up factory, so I can always plan on multiple outfits! ;)


Peter said...

Now, now don't be blaming Maltby. How can he help but conclude that eggs full of goodies scattered around his yard are for anyone but him????

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this is a story that will get more funny as the years go by.

At least you did not fill the eggs with chocolate! Unless Maltby is smarter than Cindy was, he would never have figured out that eating chocolate makes dogs sick.

The kids look so cute, dressed up for Easter.


Rhonda said...

I can relate. The Easter bunny put Zanon and Adelaide's eggs out in the back yard on Saturday night. I let Olive out to go potty around midnight and didn't think of it again, until the kids went out to hunt for eggs on Sunday morning. Nine out of 22 eggs were broken open. The dog had ingested a Cadbury chocolate caramel egg, Jelly Bellies, gummy worms and malted eggs. Luckily, she doesn't seem to be sick. Being a dog person has it's drawbacks.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Darn dogs. We didn't get to egg hunt this year, elena and i were laying on the couch sick but we did get some easter candy and we gave her a little treat (popsicles) for her easter! But the your kids looked adorable! Hope you had a great easter!

Zoe said...

They're so cute! And Nehemiah looks so grown up! These are some lucky dogs--- Easter candy and big fun chasing kids around!

brentandsarah said...

What a funny Easter story! Nehemiah looks ADORABLE in his sweater vest! And Adelynne looks cute in her dresses!