Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How quickly we forget...

  • that a newborn's hair is absolutely the softest thing on earth--with their skin running a close second.
  • the urgency and motivation contained within their cries.
  • the size of their hands and feet compared to the rest of their little it just me, or do they seem big proportionately?
  • the size of their burps and toots compared to the rest of their bodies-hee hee! It is always so shocking!
  • how tough it can be too maneuver their little limbs into clothing--or maybe how helpful my toddler is when getting dressed!
  • how exhausting nursing is in the beginning--I remembered the pain that I seem to experience; I did not remember just how time consuming it is, and darn that prolactin for making you even more sleepy than you already are on top of it! ;) Along with that, it is really tough to schedule trips out of the house when things are nearly an hour away, and you must nurse on the 2-3 hour mark, 'round the clock.
  • that you fall instantly in love at first sight, and that none of the seemingly negative stuff even really matters.
  • how gratitude producing it is to watch your husband bonding with his new child.
  • that we would do just about anything for this new little love.
  • just how much we love baby gowns! They make diaper changes around the house 10 times easier!
  • that babywearing is essential in our house!
  • how behind I get (incidentally, if you are waiting for our announcements or a thank you note--it's gonna' be awhile--sorry!) on EVERYTHING except laundry, which becomes even more necessary than you think it could ever be if you want the poo and urp to come out of those adorable new clothes all your generous friends and family have given you!
  • how my attitude when people send me plants shocks me. Believe it or not, I used to love to take care of houseplants. Now my attitude screams--I already have one child to keep alive, now a teensy baby too! Not to mention the dog! No more keeping things alive--I will NOT be responsible for more living things! It makes me laugh, but this really is my truth-be-told outlook on it.
  • How everyone has something to say, and how sweet almost all of it is!
Anyone else have things to add to the list? I'd love to hear more!

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Anonymous said...

* how you know what every peep that they make means without needing words.

* how when they snuggle up to you, the smallest of moment, makes your heart melt.

* that the first thought in your mind when someone gets a little close to your car, while your child is sleeping in the backseat, is that you will beat them up if they harm or wake your baby!

* how terrifying it was to cut their little nails!