Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's a girl to due?!

Well, depending on who you listen to, my due date was yesterday or today. Seeing as it is highly unlikely that I will be giving birth in the next 3 hours or so, I am overdue--again! I guess my babies just like to snuggle in! ;)

Please pray that I would be patient and that I won't have to be induced--it hasn't even come up with my doctor yet, but I would really rather avoid that conversation altogether!

So, on my due-date, we had some friends over for soup, sandwiches, and Wii fun after church. A little rockin' out on Guitar Hero. I think I surprised everyone with my Pat Benatar kick while jammin' on Heartbreaker! ;) Yeah, that's right...I've still got some moves! The guys then played some Mario Kart while the ladies entertained the children. All in all, it was a fun experience, (and I guess I shouldn't be too shocked about this) that left me exhausted!

Hoping things are well with you all--I'll try to keep you posted! I love getting pictures out as fast as possible after the little one arrives, but there isn't WiFi at the hospital, so we'll see!


Zoe said...

You should know that Pat Benatar goes deep in our family--- I've been singing that song since I was about 3, and your dad and uncles had to play it constantly for me when I was little.

Amber Lianne said...

Hi love! I miss you! Maybe I'll get to come up and visit soon? We should catch up and talk soon.