Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of those Nights

Last Friday night was pretty productive, but in an interesting way.

We really needed to go into the bigger town nearby and get some groceries, hit the Target clearance on kid's slippers, etc. So, we did, and we got done quickly and out of there with everything we needed! We decided to stop at Culver's on the way home for a treat of a frozen custard Concrete Mixer. I LOVE berries and chocolate together, and you get two mix-ins, which is delightful, so I ordered brownie pieces and raspberries in chocolate custard--mmm mmm! As we were part of the way down the road, I realized that they forgot the raspberries, and I'm not a big fan of the raspberries alone. C'est la vie. It was disappointing, but I still had a lot awaiting me when we returned home, so we couldn't turn around and rectifiy the situation. I should have seen it as a sign. The evening was about to turn!

We got home, and I got Nehemiah settled into bed. I reassemble our new double-stroller. (My aunt's friend found us a Graco DuoGlide stroller for $15 at a thrift store in Colorado, and structurally it was in great shape...it wasn't very clean though. Rhonda (who found it) said that you could just unscrew the screws holding on the upholstery and wash it all. This is not generally something I am ambitious enough to do. I may have the inclination, but it always sort of fizzles out because I get worried that I'll strip the screws and ruin the stroller or some such thing. Well, it took me quite awhile, but I was successful, and the stroller looks great!

Ben told me that he needed a haircut that night, and there was something else big that I accomplished, though I can't remember exactly what. I went about preparing the area for his haircut, and I smashed a kitchen glass. I was just moving too quickly, and had hit the end of my real productivity. Then I banged my hip on the china cabinet, which produced a lovely bruise with all sort of fun colors. I warned Ben that this probably was not the best night to attempt a haircut, but he insisted.

I have found that if I start out with the clippers on the #1 blade cover (the shortest one), I am (for some reason) more conservative, and that serves us well, because Ben likes his hair on the longer side. So I started at the bottom, as always, with the good ole' #1 . I thought I was ready to move on to blade cover #2, so I removed #1. Then I noticed that it wasn't quite even and went to even up the sides. Yeah, if you have cut hair before--you just started groaning. At this point there is no cover on the blade, and I shaved Ben's head to the skin up the side I was evening.

I gasped.

I covered my mouth.

Ben groaned.

So, I had to use shorter blades on the rest of his hair, resulting in as short a haircut as Ben has had since he left the Ranger Battalion! He is so gracious, and says he can just wear a hat, and swears that the money it saves is worth the occassional slip-ups, but you know it is bad when there is no hair underneath the back of his hat. Yikes! I then proceeded to almost wipe out with my pregnant self, by slipping in the quickly amassing pile of hair beneath me!

Ben then commented that if I needed surgery or the baby came early because I was cutting his hair and wiped out, that he was pretty sure our saving money by my giving haircuts would be down the drain. I think he's right. Maybe he can get a real haircut next time?

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Susan said...

Again, your entry has great voice! ;)

Aaron says this entry is useless without pictures.

Thanks for providing a good laugh for us! See you Sunday!