Friday, December 5, 2008


Well, I meant to blog a goodbye message when I left for Colorado for an extended Thanksgiving visit. I never got around to it. Sorry about that to those of you who thought I was MIA!

We just got home last night, and I have much to blog about, but we are in the throes of unpacking, cleaning, and (soon, I hope) Christmas decorating! We are also dealing with a few unfortunate events still lingering from the trip--namely the stomach flu and a red squirrel we found in our house upon arrival. I promise more details, especially about the latter, because I am sure it will be funny to us--someday! :D


brentandsarah said...

I'm so happy you're home!!! When you get a handle on things, call me or email me about the Christmas party. I want to set a for sure time and date for it. But...I don't want to stress ya, so when you get free.

Zoe said...

Glad you're back safe and (mostly) sound. It was wonderful to see you!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not only was there a squirrel in your house, but it was a red one! The (second) most evil kind. (Peter tells me that they are the worst, but I still have not gotten over the chipmunk battles that I had at camp.)

I am glad that you made it back safely, though.


angiesparkles said...

I'm so glad you are ok! I was SO WORRIED!!! Never do that again! Your admirers must know where you are all that time! :) And I love ya!