Monday, December 29, 2008

Venturing out

I do not like the cold--in fact, I am kind of a big wimp, but today is the only day this week that it is supposed to get into the 20s, and Nehemiah loves to be outside, and hasn't gotten to play in the snow yet, so out we went. After about 15 minutes I was ready to come in, but Nehemiah started to cry when I opened up the front door. So I went and found our Mad Bomber hat (which I know looks ridiculously silly), and that helped me last another half hour or so.

Nehemiah did not enjoy getting ready to go out--I think without the allure of snow, his suit is too constricting, but as soon as we got outside, the fussing stopped. He was really good at walking on the icy, bumpy snow, and at asking for help when he got stuck--it was fun.

When we came back in, we both had hot cocoa--bribing him with that promise was the only way to get him in with a smile on his face!

Anyway here is a picture, and hopefully more to come soon! I took it with my new Christmas camera! :D


brentandsarah said...

how ironic, I ventured out with my three kids today...doesn't happen often. What kind of camera did you get??

Anonymous said...

Great picture! Glad to see that the camera works.


Susan said...

Look at that red little face! Looks like you guys had a whole lot of fun :)