Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Freebie!

I got a hot tip from my friend Sarah about another free photo book! This one is from the folks at Inkubook. She saw the tip on this blog--Simplemom (check it out here for how to get the deal). So, I spent several hours putting together our wedding album 5 years late! ;) It had over 50 pages, and was free aside from shipping and handling! Hot spam (as my mom would say)! I'm so excited to see my new books! This software wasn't quite as intuitive as snapfish to use, however, once you play around with it, you can get the hang of it--and the free book was over twice as large as the snapfish one--score!

PS--This offer also expires this Sunday, and you have to invite a friend to send a picture or some text for your book to get it free. This was easy, and if I know you, let me know, and I'll get your back! Or you could just use your husband's e-mail address to set up another account like I did. :)

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angiesparkles said...

Where are you? I miss you! Hope everything is ok.