Thursday, November 13, 2008


I LOVE 'em! So, I thought I'd pass this one on--I just paid $7.44 (which = shipping and handling only) for a $30 snapfish photobook that I would already have to pay shipping on--SCORE!

Want one? You have to go the oprah's website and link through it to snapfish to put the coupon into your account (don't log in first--and if you don't have an account, then you can create one after linking).

On second thought, Freebies 4 Mom describes the whole thing much better. Why re-invent the wheel? Just click on that link for wonderfully layed out info. on the whole schmeal! They even have some links to figure it out if you don't think the credit is applying to your order, which happened to me--after all the work of putting together an album that was a little frustrating!

This would also make a fabulous Christmas gift, or if you are looking into starting a business where it would be nice to have a portfolio of past work, then I think this would rock. On Oprah's site, they actually suggested scanning your child's artwork into your computer and making a book of it so that it doesn't clutter your house--which is an amazing idea; of course, Nehemiah is a little young to have too much artwork just yet. ;D

This offer has to be started by Friday at 11:59 pm for you to take advantage, and the Photo book must be ordered by Sunday. Just an FYI since it is a limited time offer!

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Zoe said...


Thanks so much for your tip about this. The book didn't turn out quite the way I had planned, but it's very cute and I had to stop myself from ordering one for myself (the $30 price tag kept it all in perspective!) It's been an excellent way to say thanks for my recent trip, and I think Heather will love it!