Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry such sporadic blogging...technical difficulties on the camera front--again--it has been the year of camera disaster, much to my sadness! The last few days have been rough--you know the kind...the when it rains it pours kind of days. Ben left for a business trip and the same day, we all developed fevers to go with our colds. And Maltby puked on the floor 3 times! That is because he is so emotionally gifted--he wouldn't eat the first two days Ben was gone, so when he did eat he was over hungry and he gorged really fast. Well his stomach wasn't ready, and he took it out on the carpet. Nothing like cleaning that up while you're sick and on your own! I thought I'd try to get out yesterday to shake some of the cobwebs out, and my fun outing to the local coffee shop yielded a closed shop. Apparently it closed yesterday and won't reopen again until January under new ownership. Uugh! So, like I said, it's just been several pity party days in a row!

Seems to me that I need to start looking for the happy--good things. Currently I am experiencing concurrent naps...SCORE! Ben is going to be home soonish and I have a funny Nehemiah story...

On Saturday we went to my in-laws for dinner and my mother-in-law had out her Christmas "pyramid," one of those wooden, candle powered spinning things. Nehemiah loves it! The next day at home, he asked me to light a candle. I looked back over my shoulder, and he was holding his plastic Batman helicopter over the top of it to see if the rotors would spin! I told him to be careful because it could get hot, and then distracted him with me in the kitchen. A few minutes later, the phone rang, so I was distracted, and Nehemiah decided to try again. He melted the bottom of his little helicopter and learned a valuable lesson. :) It amazes me how well his mental wheels turn! <3

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