Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I got my craft on for the ladies in my family this Christmas. The gifts are hidden in these homemade fortune cookies...what're you getting? I'm not tellin'!

Anyway, I'm linking these to the craft challenge for the month on Lil' Betty's Blog--enjoy!


Anonymous said...

how do you get the present out?=)

felicitouschick said...

I haven't tried that yet! Theoretically, you pull the tag out and out it comes! If that doesn't work, we'll snip the thread that pinches them in half.

Mary said...

Ooh, ooh--- I see mine--- it's right over... there!

Anonymous said...

They all look so pretty together! How will I ever let everyone take individual ones home? Guess they'll all just have to visit their gifts at my house!!
Love, Mom