Monday, May 10, 2010

Life is a little outta' control!

Dear blog,

Oh how I have missed you! I promise I didn't mean to neglect you or our fair readers, but sometimes life happens!

So, the fam and I packed up and moved from the big woods to the little city--a whole state away! We got settled into our rental in record time thanks to lots of help from family and friends. This rental fits us perfectly--the size, layout, even the paint colors complemented our decor, and if I do say so myself, it looked fabulous. Too bad too, because 2.5 weeks later, someone else thought the same thing and bought our new house! (Now if only that would happen to the one still for sale in the big woods!)

So now we are looking into our options for housing in the little city. It ain't easy--we don't know if we can get a loan to buy what with our other house, and rentals here are few and far between. There was a 100 year storm last summer, and the entire town lost 1/2 their windows and siding, which means it takes a lot of time to rebuild. Many people are temporarily living in rentals until their houses are fixed up, which makes it crazy to try to find anything with more than 2 bedrooms that will also allow kids and a dog! God is taking care of us though, and there will be something that comes through.

Other than the housing debacle, we LOVE our new town. Nothing makes you appreciate all of the teensy details of living in a town like living in the boonies for a few years! There are some amazing parks, two grocery stores, a post office, and various other untold wonders, and, be still my beating heart, all of them are within a 5 minute car drive or probably a 30 minute walk. Shut up! I know; it's rocking our world right now!

It's funny too, because people can tell. They always comment on having seen us outside, and how happy they are that there are new kids in the neighborhood, and how we go to the parks--they're almost always empty, but then again, it goes back to being deprived of all that for awhile. I'm sure we'll make good use for some time to come.

Oh, and another wonder? Pizza delivery. Yup, you heard right--we can now receive fresh, hot pizza on our doorstep in 30 minutes! The heavens have opened and smiled down on me!

And the people have been fabulous. We had a welcome reception with gifts and dinner, help moving in, some people stop by to mow our lawn, free babysitting, a meal dropped off in the chaos, play dates scheduled, connections made, a may basket with candy and encouragement, and other stuff I am sure to have left out.

All in all, I am puzzled about the housing, but I know this is where God has brought us, and that is thrilling.

Thanks for your prayers and kindness. I'm missing my peeps in the big woods, but it is great to be here too. I'll try to be better about keeping y'all posted!

Nehemiah lovin' on the play structure here at our rental--and look, no pacifier--we're so proud!

And Adelynne, now officially big enough to give Mama heart attacks by climbing to the top of the play structure to go down the slide by herself--oh my!

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