Saturday, January 23, 2010

It works!

This may seem trite, but I often decide to bake spur of the moment, and in the evening, Nehemiah likes to enjoy the fruits of his/our labor before bed--surprise, surprise! Anyway, it takes too long to soften butter to room temp in our chilly house (in the winter), so I went in search of an alternative, and wouldn't you know, I found one! We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this way tonight, and it worked! I've done it with the microwave before, but I find the results to be inconsistent at best.

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Anonymous said...

Wow--it's great to have a daughter who I can call about all my cooking questions! :) Thanks for the recipe for the ham glaze too!
Love, Mom

Mary said...

I ran into a similar problem this weekend. The oven was still warm from something else (the butter was frozen) so I stuck the butter in a mug and set it in the warm oven. It was just a little melty when I came back 10 or 15 minutes later, and just ripe for creaming.

Anonymous said...

Great tip! I could have used it the other day when I was making 8 dozen muffins for church coffee hour.