Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snapshots of Vacation

At the park with our new friend Jack, son of our old friends, from camp, Steve and Amy.

One of the resident fawns. Nehemiah loved this little guy!

Nehemiah pulling Papa into the Playplace that parents are allowed in too.

See the rules? My Dad was being antinomian, as it does not specify grandparents!

Proof! What a Grandpa!

On the playground at the camp where we stayed.

Walking in the State Park together.

The cool wooden playground before church.

Making s'mores with Meji (Grandma)

A proud tradition of smooches!

Man on a mission!

Sliding with Mommy.

Hiking on the hill at camp.

Blowing bubbles on the boardwalk outside our hacienda!

Being cute and showing off the muscles all at once! You go girl!

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